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September 5, 2008
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Road in Rome by skyride Road in Rome by skyride
Well after getting off the coach in Rome outside the colloseum, it looks pretty unimpressive from where you get off so it was not my initial reaction to frantically take photos of it like most. I took this photo and in heinsight im actually quite happy with it.

This photo is in 1920x1200 since I have not done anything more than resize it and apple a greyscale filter. All photos hereinafter will be 1920x1200.

P.S. 1920x1200 scales very well to 1280x800. If you do the maths, its exactly 2/3rds the res so essentially all your PC does is get rid of every 3rd pixel meaning it will look 99% as good as this photo being done normally at 1280x800

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